BOOKING # : 237338595
TN RANGE :  KEE0260 - KEE0306
STATUS :  Arrived. Processing for delivery.

Dear Valued Reader,

Exciting Updates on Your Shipment Await!

We’re delighted to announce a significant development regarding our latest shipment. After successfully navigating the intricacies of U.S. customs, our cargo is now in GHANA.

If your tracking number falls within the range of KEE0260 - KEE0306, Rejoice because your your items have successfully landed in Ghana and it's being under processing for delivery. 
You will receive a call from our noble SUPPLY CREW TEAM when delivery starts. 

For those who enjoy staying informed, you can personally monitor the progress of your goods. 
----HOW TO TRACK---- 
* enter Container Number:  TGHU6291298       
* enter Booking Number:  237338595
for an exclusive view into the voyage.

Selecting Karima Shipping as your logistics partner is a decision we take seriously, and we are dedicated to ensuring the seamless arrival of your cargo.
Thank you for entrusting us with your shipping needs; we appreciate being your reliable ally in your shipping endeavors.

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Best regards, 
Karima Shipping Enterprises Inc.


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