Karima Charity Foundation is a Non-governmental Organization which believes in using education (English and Arabic), health and income generation probability to enhance sustainable livelihoods at individual and community levels. Our programs are based on dedications to promote youth development in all areas of the economy.

Karima Charity Foundation begun on a low scale in 2010, by reaching out to the less privileged in our deprived communities across Ghana.

We have been able to chalk success by serving some institutions such as the Kumasi Children’s Home, Ahmed Uwaisi Orphanage, Kumasi central prison, Manhyia Local Divisional Prisons and Individuals amongst others.

Our mission is to assist the less privileged in our communities by helping them become responsible citizens through varieties essential life skills training, counselling and outreaches which adds value to them as individuals.

Karima Charity Foundation is a non-profitable organization where youths are empowered to take reasonable leadership responsibilities and sustained livelihood for the poor.

Karima Charity Foundation provides services of:

Capacity building through coaching and training.
HIV/AIDS prevention initiatives and awareness
Health education and poverty alleviation modules.
Value orientation, essential life skills and leadership development capacities.

Life skills and leadership for the youth.
Training and Developments for emerging young entrepreneurs.
Assertive communications.
Value analyses for decision
Behaviour for modification
Free business counselling

HOW TO DONATE TO Karima Charity Foundation

Call us to pick up for your donation
Walk to our offices and donate (Cash/Items)
Through mobile money transfer ( 0549872509)

Email address: Karimacharity2012@gmail.com

Facebook: www.Facebook.com/karimafoundation


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