By Karima News Desk

In an attempt to service its customers better, Karima Shipping Inc. has introduced yet another formidable service to compliment the sea service already in existence.

The new service popularly known as Air cargo is to ensure that customers are cared for swiftly and just on time delivery of their Services.

Speaking to the Media, the C.E.O of the company, Mohammed Amin Osman explained that reasons for registering for the air cargo was to ensure that our customers are satisfied with unmatched speed.

He said, with air freight service, tracking your package and following its promised delivery times is easy and you can truck what flight it’s on, when it takes off, and when it lands.

He said, the company’s first consignment on air freight which begun in October,2020 has already arrived in Ghana and ready for pick-ups by customers.

He therefore called on customers and potential customers to take advantage of this easy-going service by reaching our offices in both Ghana and USA on +233(0)541540001/0504141008/+16464794728.

“Don’t forget to remember the intangibles when deciding on how your goods will be air-lifted. You should always choose well-qualified, personable and experienced transporters over the cheapest available” he added.

Your Delivery, Our concern!